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Let’s Get Real, Shall We?

Where are you at in your fitness regime? Are you making gains, seeing results, feeling stronger or are you struggling with a specific exercise or lagging body part? If you are then we want you to join us for our 100 Rep Challenge for the month of August.

We have challenged our clients to pick an exercise they want to improve on or a lagging body part that want to bring up to par and for the entire month of August will do 100 reps of that exercise every single day for those 31 days. Of course, this will be split up over several sessions throughout the day.

So for example, I am horrible at double unders (the double jump with the jump rope) so I am going to focus on improving those. First thing in the morning I will do as many as I can (my goal is 15), and then during my mid morning break I will aim for 15 more and so on until I hit my goal of 100 for that day. The next day I will do the same thing. The most motivating part is to think by my 44th birthday at the end of the month I will be doing double unders like Rocky Balboa. (Sweeeet!)

Are you ready to accept our challenge or are you perfectly happy with your current fitness status and have absolutely nothing you need to improve whatsoever? Did you feel the sass in that question?

If you are going to join us comment what you plan on working on or if you need help coming up with an exercise to work a particular area. We want to see proof that you are doing this so make sure to tag us on social media and also use the #t4l100repchallenge.

Let’s leave 2018 with strong hearts, bigger muscles, and ahead of our goals.