Kimberly Phillips – October 2016

Kimberly Phillips

1. What made you join Transformations 4 life Boot Camps? I hurt my back a 1 ½ ago and it landed me in the ER.  Once my back started to heal I knew I needed to strengthen my core to prevent this from happening again.  My husband had been with T4L for 2 years and I had seen the wonderful results he was getting so I contacted Julie.  I started with a home program that Julie wrote for me…

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Amy Burns – August 2016

Amy Burns

I joined T4L Boot Camp to get myself moving again, and be healthier. I finally got sick of myself being a couch potato and no energy. Also, I was personally inspired by Rachel Ward’s transformation, and how much she enjoyed it. I’ve been coming for 16 months. What I enjoy the most with T4L is the consistently different workouts that are planned daily. I never get bored and I love that! These workouts are so thoughtfully created with smooth transitions…

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Dana Effler – June 2016

Dana Effler

1. What made you join Transformations 4 Life Boot Camps?  I have been underweight and able to eat endlessly all my life – until age 35.  Then I started gaining weight. I can’t lose it.  I used to be decently athletic and in shape.   I mentioned this to my friend Karen Jones and she invited me to Boot Camp. 2. How long have you been coming?  about 3 1/2 years 3. What have you enjoyed most?  I enjoy…

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Siwatu Mwaniki – March 2016

Swatu Mwaniki

I initially joined Transformations 4 Life in Dec 2012 to get ready for a trip I had in May 2013.  I have been coming off and on since then. I decided to get serious about my health and weight loss again in September of 2015. I am slowly but surely working my way down to my 140 pound goal. Consistency is my new best friend. I have lost 18 pounds since Dec 2015. I enjoy the group of people…

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Allison Ragsdale – January 2016

Allison Ragsdale

1. What made you join Transformations 4 Life Boot Camps? I joined T4L to get healthy and fit. 2. How long have you been coming? I’ve been a member since January 2015. 3. What have you enjoyed most? The support I have gotten from Julie and other campers. 4. What results have you experienced so far? I have lost 25+lbs since January. 5. What have you learned about yourself? That I can do anything if I set my mind…

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Cristy McCullough – November 2015


Have you ever caught yourself avoiding the camera and trying to weasel to the back of every family photo or group photo.  One year ago that was me.  I had a hard time finding a photo for this because I had avoided the camera like the plague.  I also participated in an event during which I was the last to finish.  By the time I finished the challenge, everyone that I had started with was gone home.  I started…

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Leslie Lickey – July 2015

Leslie Lickey

1. What made you join Transformations 4 Life Boot Camps? About 10 months ago I started running to try to get in better shape. I had never run before and my endurance level was no good. I knew I needed to do something more to build up my strength and muscle tone. I have several friends that go to boot camp and they always talked about how great it is, so when Dena Lee started leading the lunch classes,…

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Charles Phillips – November 2014

Charles Chillips

1. What made you join Transformations 4 Life Boot Camps? I was overweight and out of shape. I was on several different medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides.  I knew I needed to do something but what. I tried working out on my own in the past but never stayed with it. Gyms didn’t interest me.  They seem to impersonal .Then I heard about this boot camp thing. Several people in my Life Group do…

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Brooke Harrell – May 2014

Brooke Harrell

1.What made you join Transformations 4 Life Boot Camps?  I started coming to boot camp when I saw friends at work getting amazing results.  I thought man I need to get in shape and give this class a try. 2.How long have you been coming?  I started boot camp in 2011 3.What have you enjoyed most?  I love the challenge each class brings.  I have enjoyed watching myself progress from 5lb weights to now lifting 20lbs!! 4.What results have…

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Kelsey Bufkin – January 2014

Kelsey Bufkin

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I were both overweight and out of shape.  Our energy levels were super low, and we were “living to eat.”  We were fed up and sick of it!!  We had determined to start changing our diet and I wanted to incorporate some good exercise as part of the change.  We wanted to get healthy, lose some weight, and honor God with our bodies!  It’s definitely not easy at first,…

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