Nutrition Program


Nutrition Coaching Program

Precision Nutrition Coaching – is a program that allows you to adapt to new habits based on your lifestyle. Living a healthy life should include a well-balanced diet, daily exercise, stress relief, and adequate rest.

Our nutrition program will teach you how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat to reach your fitness goals. Our program is a 12-month habit based nutrition program. You flow through the habits at your pace; you may find a few of them are easy for you and some that will take a little more time. The best part of the program is that you are in control and your coach is right there with you every step of the way. This isn’t a diet! Besides haven’t you gotten tired of those by now?

Let’s get real, we are all adults and it is time we get this whole “eating thing” under control once and for all. You’ve heard all the sayings…

  • You can’t outwork a bad diet
  • Abs are made in the kitchen

These are all true but society has made it so confusing. Are carbs good or are they bad? Do fats make you fat or raise your cholesterol? Are we supposed to eat the yolk? Why do we crave sugar after a bad day at work? Why is cutting sugar so difficult? The questions and confusion go on and on.

This program is designed to answer all of these questions and stop the dieting once and for all. Now is the time to get your life back and eat to live a healthy energetic life. If you are interested in the fitness aspect, check out one of our programs; we offer large groups, small private groups, private training, online training, and Pop Pilates.. A little something for everyone. Together let’s make 2017 a year of health and energy and the end of the dieting….

You owe it to yourself to get this whole eating thing under control once and for all. Invest in yourself this year so you can live the rest of your life healthier and more energetic than you ever thought possibly.


  1. Precision Nutrition isn’t about rules or deprivation and it is not another diet plan. It is about communication, coaching, guidance, and support.


  1. You need to be open to new suggestions and feedback and a willingness to learn and be coached.


  1. Our nutrition program will help you overcome emotional eating issues.


  1. Our nutrition program will help you control over eating.


  1. There is nothing further to purchase, you don’t need any special foods.


  1. Our Precision Nutrition Program is NOT a meal plan. We will provide you with the knowledge on how to design balanced meals that you WILL eat instead of being forced to follow a cookie cutter program.


  1. This is a 12 month habit based program. You cannot expect to change years of eating habits in an 8 week program. Trust us, we’ve been training clients for years and it takes time to develop new habits. The newer the habit for you the longer it may take to truly grasp.


  1. This is program designed for you by leading experts in the nutrition industry and we are your personal coaches throughout the program.


  1. Don’t make things more complicated during the program, follow the steps, do your check ins, ask questions, and reap all the benefits and rewards.


We believe in you and we are so excited to share this program with you. We are looking forward to coaching you every step of the way.