Our App Has Launched…



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Our New mobile app has arrived for online training clients. We have three different programs one is hybrid training for our current clients. This does not replace your in face to face sessions, it only enhances it. Between sessions when you cannot be under the guidance of your trainer, you will be able to stay connected through online training with your prescribed workouts that include detailed prescriptions, videos, check ins, tracking, and accountability through our very own mobile app. This program is solely for current clients and available at a discounted rate.

The second program will be online fitness programs that will provide accountability, check ins, tracking, videos, exercise descriptions, that will help you reach your goals if you are unable to work with a trainer one on one. This new program will bring the workouts to you. We can build workouts for in the gym or in home with minimal equipment.

We are also going to be providing meal plans designed by a Registered Dietitian to help you reach your goals. This will be as easy as it can be with every meal planned out for you and it even includes printable grocery lists each week. We want to  make sure you are getting everything you need to reach your fitness and health goals. We are not about making life more difficult for you, we want to make it more convenient for you to accomplish your dreams.

Ask how you can get started with our new online training programs TODAY!