Transformation Weight Loss Success Story photographed by Julie Wilcoxson at

Jared & Dulena Bigelow – May 2012

1. What made you join Transformations 4 Life Boot Camps?

Dulena: People at work were doing bootcamp and were getting great results and I was just finally ready to get back in shape, so I decided to try it.

Jared: I’ve always liked working out but it took time away from my wife. Going to bootcamp was something that we could do together.

2. How long have you been coming?

Dulena: I started bootcamp in January. Haha…another New Year’s resolution to lose weight, only this time it worked!!

Jared: I started in January.

3. What have you enjoyed the most?

Dulena: I have really enjoyed experiencing the awesome progress that I’ve made.  I was so badly out of shape and could hardly get through the workouts in the beginning and now I love to see what new challenges are in store for us at each workout and am excited to see what else I can do.

Jared: I really enjoy the challenge of the different types of workouts each time.  We have never had the same workout twice and it is so much different from any workouts that I have ever done.  I am also very competitive so I have really enjoyed working out along side Superman…I mean Harlan and how he is able to challenge me and make me push harder and harder at each workout.

4. What results have you experienced so far?

Dulena: I have lost about 15 lbs total but my shape has changed a lot.  I have gained muscle and have gone down almost 3 sizes.  I have toned up and am starting to get that definition again that I thought I had lost forever after having kids.

Jared: I went from 203 lbs to 176 lbs and my pant size has gone from a 34 to a 32.  I feel so much better, my knees don’t bother me anymore and I have a lot more energy and a lot less stress than I used to.

5. What have you learned about yourself?

Dulena: I have learned that I am much stronger then I thought I was and that I can endure a lot more than I once thought.

Jared: I really thought that I was borderline diabetic because for years I would bottom out after any type of workout.  What I learned from Julie is that by changing my diet all of those symptoms went away.  By her sharing her knowledge of nutrition with me, my body has actually transformed.  I can handle the intense workouts and feel better when I’m done instead of feeling worse like I did prior to joining bootcamp.

6. What new goals have you set for yourself?

Dulena: My goals now are to continue losing weight and toning up and to just to see what else I can do beyond this.  Bootcamp has helped restore my self confidence and has challenged me to explore my physical ability.  I would not be where I am without it!

Jared: My new goal is to be faster than Superman! 🙂

Bootcamp has been such a great experience for us as a couple. It is so awesome to be able to challenge each other, motivate each other and celebrate with each other as we reach our individual goals. We have become an even stronger couple both physically and emotionally. We leave there with feelings of accomplishment and we go home to our children feeling good and relieved of life’s daily stresses. Working out regularly and eating healthy have now become a way of life for us. We are setting a better example for our children and we are just so thankful that we took advantage of this great opportunity. Thanks Julie!!