Transformation Weight Loss Success Story photographed by Julie Wilcoxson at

Amy Burns – August 2016

I joined T4L Boot Camp to get myself moving again, and be healthier. I finally got sick of myself being a couch potato and no energy. Also, I was personally inspired by Rachel Ward’s transformation, and how much she enjoyed it.

I’ve been coming for 16 months.

What I enjoy the most with T4L is the consistently different workouts that are planned daily. I never get bored and I love that! These workouts are so thoughtfully created with smooth transitions to various muscle groups. It makes me really appreciate Julie and Harlan’s brains and knowledge of the human body.

The results I’ve experience so far are more energy, greater flexibility, and stronger muscles. And a bonus that I wasn’t expecting was dropping clothing sizes (from a size 10 to a 2!). Losing this much weight wasn’t my goal – it happened organically as I got more dedicated to the boot camps and in turn became more interested in what food I was putting in my mouth.

I’ve learned that I am worthy of feeling good about my physical self again. My body’s health is important. And it’s groovy feeling confident in a bikini again! Who knew?! And out of developing a good habit with consistent workouts, I now get grumpy when I miss my workouts. (I never knew I could feel that way about exercising.)

New goals I’ve set for myself is to put me and my body first by consistently pushing my workouts. That way I’m healthy to do anything else that falls my way on a daily basis – emotionally, mentally, physically. And I must to do another sprint triathlon (it’s been 10 years since the last one) – there I put it in writing, friends. Hold me to it!