Transformation Weight Loss Success Story photographed by Julie Wilcoxson at

Cristy McCullough – November 2015

Have you ever caught yourself avoiding the camera and trying to weasel to the back of every family photo or group photo.  One year ago that was me.  I had a hard time finding a photo for this because I had avoided the camera like the plague.  I also participated in an event during which I was the last to finish.  By the time I finished the challenge, everyone that I had started with was gone home.  I started looking up trainers on the Internet and found Julie’s website. As luck would have it I already knew Julie and Harlan and several of their past bootcampers, but I had never considered trying the bootcamp.  I called Julie and told her that I needed to make a change that would last. I needed a program that I could and would want to continue for good.  As a physical therapist, I know what I am supposed to do; the problem is motivating myself after I’ve motivated everyone else all day.  The first two weeks were tough, but once I saw the first few changes in my physique, I was hooked.  The fat started melting, and my joints felt better than they had in a long while.  I love how there are bootcampers of every age group and fitness level, and we all encourage each other.  One of my coworkers asked what I had been doing because she said that I looked like I had a “transformation.”  I still have work to do and weight to lose but I know I can do this.  I have learned that I am strong and capable of more than 4 burpees in a row (which was a huge hang up for me for a while).  My husband has even started going with me.  My current goal is to lose more inches around my middle and strengthen the core as much as possible.  My life goal is to encourage more people to take that leap and commit.  It’s worth it!
Cristy McCullough