Transformation Weight Loss Success Story photographed by Julie Wilcoxson at

Daffey Harvey – October 2012

Thank you for the opportunity to be this months spotlight camper.  I have had an incredible journey, these last six months.  I started the first of April, 2012.  I hesitated to try this program, I was afraid I would not  be able to keep up.  It took one visit and I was hooked.  I could not believe how energized I felt after one workout.  I wanted so much to make a committment to become a healthier person, in hopes that I might head off any health issues that might come my way in the future.  Once, I began to see results, I could not seem to get enough.  Never before would I have believed,  I would actually have gotten up as early as 4:30 a.m. to go workout.  I have lost 14 lbs. and dropped a couple dress sizes, and feel better than I ever have.  I am thankful for such an awesome trainer as Julie has been.  Each workout is different and challenging.  I am still struggling in some areas, but I don’t have to look far for motivation.  There are always encouraging smiling faces everywhere I look.  I have great will power and the determination to make this transformation a definite part of my life .  I have but only one regret, and that is, that I didn’t start sooner.