Transformation Weight Loss Success Story photographed by Julie Wilcoxson at

Hunter Lee – December 2012

Well first of all I joined because my mom said it was a good way to stay in shape during the summer. At first I was hesitant but realized it was no joke! I’ve been involved since the start of summer and I’ve really seen a difference since I started at school in August! I’ve realized that hard work leads to positive results and changes in your body, regardless of where you were to start. I have enjoyed a plan away from boot camp that has kept me totally consistent regardless of what it tells me to do. Over time I have realized a huge change in my muscle tone as well as a clear muscle size gain. Although I haven’t gained much weight, I know I’ve gained muscle specifically because of Transformations 4 Life. I have realized that even though I started working out a long time ago, the T4L exercises have guaranteed my fitness and made sure I’m getting to the state I want to be in… although I’m in good shape, T4L has taught me that I can still be sore and exhausted from workouts yet see big time results down the road.