Transformation Weight Loss Success Story photographed by Julie Wilcoxson at

Jennifer Williams – July 2013

1. What made you join Transformations 4 Life Boot Camps?

I joined Transformations 4 Life Boot Camps because I have been on a weight loss journey my entire life.  I have pretty much been on a diet since I was about 8 years old!  I have tried every diet out there…some were successful and most were failures.  Regardless, I always gained my weight back plus some.  My journey wasn’t simple; it took me a while to get on board with working out!  I began working out with Julie in 2011 at home.  Of course, I couldn’t stick to the work outs or the diet and didn’t feel like I had time so I stopped the at home workouts.   Then a couple of months later I started coming to boot camp on and off and eventually stopped coming altogether.  Then in June 2012 I saw a picture of myself and couldn’t believe how horrible I looked.  My first reaction was well they can’t take a good picture!  But the reality was this is what I had let myself get to.  It was then that I decided that I had to take control of my life and I made the decision to try to be as healthy as I could be and lose weight.  I didn’t immediately start exercising again though because I still “didn’t have the time”.   After I had lost about 50 pounds I decided that I needed to incorporate exercise into my routine and I started coming to boot camp regularly.

2. How long have you been coming?

I started coming to boot camp regularly in December 2012 so it’s been a little over 6 months.

3. What have you enjoyed most?

I mostly enjoy the fact that the work outs are always different, always challenging, and never get boring.   Also, if I was just going to the gym and working out by myself…I would never do these types of exercises.  I would probably just get on the treadmill and walk and then eventually get bored and stop going!

4. What results have you experienced so far?

So far, I have lost an additional 30+ pounds since coming to boot camp.  I have more energy, more muscle tone, definitely stronger, and I am a lot leaner than before.  Before I started losing weight I wore a size 18 (a tight 18!).  Now I can comfortably wear a size 8 and even some 6’s.  It still amazes me!

5. What have you learned about yourself?

I have learned that I can do this!  I can be healthy and happy!  I have learned that I need the variety in my workouts or I’m going to get bored easily.  I have also learned that I can do a lot of things that I never thought I could before.  Coming to boot camp has definitely given me more confidence in myself.

6. What new goals have you set for yourself?

I still want to lose another 14 pounds to reach my goal weight.  I also want to remain committed to coming to boot camp and increasing my strength and developing my abilities even more.