Transformation Weight Loss Success Story photographed by Julie Wilcoxson at

Lindsey France July 2012

1. What made you join Transformations 4 Life Boot Camps?

Prior to boot camp, I did crossfit for about two years and decided it wasn’t for me anymore. I wanted to find something similar without the heavy lifting and without having to join a gym. I was happy to hear about bootcamp through a friend and tried it and found out it was exactly what I was looking for!!

2. How long have you been coming?

I started in February 2011.

3. What have you enjoyed most?

I really enjoy having a new workout each time!  This keeps me motivated and wanting to come back for more!  I also have enjoyed seeing transformations in fellow boot campers.

4. What results have you experienced so far?

It wasn’t long after I joined boot camp that I found out I was expecting!  I continued to work out through most of my pregnancy, was even able to walk a 10k at 7 months, and returned post pregnancy in January 2012.  It has been really neat to see my transformation from my early days of pregnancy through today.  I remember coming to work out and barely being able to tie my shoes because my ankles were so swollen to presently I have started noticing definition in my arms and legs I have never had before!

5. What have you learned about yourself?

In January 2012, I said goodbye to my 20s but learned I can still feel that young again with a healthy lifestyle.  I feel like I’m in better shape now than ever! In particular, I never thought I would enjoy sprinting!!

6. What new goals have you set for yourself?

To continue to eat healthy and get better at push-ups!!

Thank you to Julie and Harlan for all your help! I enjoy being part of your class and appreciate your encouragement you bring to each and every workout!