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You’re Going to Hate Yourself in the Morning….

Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed and if you have already given into the temptations of that sugary substance- Christmas isn’t going to get any better.  This is the time of year where we are faced with weekly if not daily temptations of fudgy goodness, Christmas Cookie exchange parties, work Christmas parties, family Christmas parties, gatherings, baked goods brought into the office, testing out new recipes for the office, and so on and so on. Once in awhile this isn’t a bad thing, but if you have already starting packing away the pounds in October, December is going to be a doosey and you will be left holding the button off your jeans in your hand.

How are you going to get back on track so you can ring in the New Year without ringing in a bigger pair of pants?

  1. Remind yourself of what your goals are? How does the second piece of pie make you feel? Will the second helping bring you any more satisfaction that the first slice didn’t ? Will you feel good about it after you eat it? The truth is probably not! Instead, I bet your going to feel guilty, bloated, sleepy, and reaching for the Tums.
  1. We are all guilty of reaching our weight loss goals only to start giving in to the old habits, thinking we have more control now! Hogwash!!! A wise man once said, “gaining weight isn’t a reward for losing weight” so don’t try to brainwash yourself into thinking otherwise. Don’t reward yourself with food, “Well I have lost 20 pounds and have been so good I deserve that dessert. Isn’t that the type of thinking that got you to the 20 pounds in the first place?
  1. Couldn’t you say no to that temptation and instead replace it with a healthier option and maybe just have a small taste? This way you fill up on nutrients that actually contribute something to your health and satisfy your taste buds with just a small lady like bite. Now isn’t that much better?
  1. If you know the goodies are in the lunchroom, then go somewhere else. Try eating outside today or taking a nice lunch time walk around the building, once you put in a little time exercising chances are you will no longer want the bad stuff.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to give it once and awhile. However, what I want you to come to terms with is that our “once in whiles” are becoming an “all of the time” event. 80-90% of the time you should be enjoying the finer things in life like good clean protein sources and healthy fruits and vegetables and yes I meant ENJYOYING!!! Healthy food shouldn’t be a chore, you should actually enjoy providing your body with the nutrients it needs to grow and recover. You need to get to the point where you crave the good stuff more than the bad and the only way that is going to happen is by changing your mindset and eating more of the good in place of the bad. Trust me, it will become second nature to say no to a brownie when your body is craving an orange and it will happen if you allow it to.

Enjoy your office party but enjoy the socializing more than the food… Enjoy how you feel in that special dress more than you do in your favorite pair of sweat pants. Enjoy the spring in your step more than the extra cup of coffee…. Embrace health and the rest is just fluff on top.