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Another Year Wiser

Every year I set goals for myself and what intention I want to set for the entire year. However, I don’t do this on New Year’s like everyone else, I do it on my birthday. I love my birthday, it is a time to reflect on what I learned about myself the previous year and make new goals for the new year. The only way we get better is by reflection. You have to know what you want more of and what you want less of and have a plan on how to make that happen.

I will be 44 in one month, now I may kid around about my age but the number really doesn’t bother me. I know how old I feel and as long as I can still do the things I love and that bring me joy then who cares what the number is. Now my motto in life is to grow old gracefully so this year is all about optimal wellness. I noticed during this last year I can’t wing it like I have in the past. I really can’t cheat on my diet too often, I can’t skip on exercise or sit around all day, and I have to start seeing my dermatologist more regularly. Living my youth in Florida with no sunscreen and slathered in baby oil is starting to show (they did warn me).

I’ve noticed my skin is a little drier and it is time to switch to a different skin care regime and be diligent about getting in my water every single day. I have discovered that I really love coffee, like I mean truly love it. I love the smell of it but I only like it with my caramel creamer in it (just a little bit though). I’ve also discovered that my eyes don’t work the same anymore and I really do need glasses for reading. My daughters make fun of me because I do that whole squint your eyes and hold the item far away and try to guess what it says.
I’ve also discovered that I like the color pink. Who would have ever guessed that one. I am a beauty product snob and I will try anything that promises to hide the dark circles under my eyes and bring me youthful skin and shiny hair. My bathroom is starting to look like Ulta.

I also love little weekend getaways. I’m a home body so I don’t like to be away for too long but 3-4 days and I am blissfully happy. I like to do the things that locals do and not the tourist things. I love to see how other cities live, are they walking around or riding bikes and where are their cute little coffee shops and delicious pizza gems. I enjoy cities where you can walk to everything you need ( I hate sitting in a car).

The biggest thing I have discovered this past year is that I absolutely look forward to the weekends to go and explore some place new in Nashville with my husband. I am a big city girl who happened to marry a country boy and this is my fix every weekend. This year my goal is to play more. I work a lot of hours and I work hard but I don’t let myself enjoy what all life has to offer. That is what is going to be different this year. Hanging out with friends more and living it up on the weekends making memories. Life isn’t about stuff (we all have a lot of stuff that we don’t need) but it is about experiences. So for this 44th year I am going to purge things that don’t add to my life and soak up as many experiences and memories as I can.


Here is to another year of growing wiser, healthier, and happier.