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About Julie Wilcoxson

Hey there, new friend, I’m so excited that you decided to stop by.

I would like to introduce myself and share a little about the journey that led me to where I am today. I have grappled with PCOS, battled the frustrations of brain fog, weight gain, adult acne, and feared the threat of a hysterectomy many times. I’ve also been “mis” diagnosed with adult A.D.D, which was brain fog from gut issues. So, I get it…

Hello, I’m Julie Wilcoxson, Nutrition Therapy Practioner, Certified Women’s Health Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and obsessed with learning all things related to women’s health.

I am a woman over 40 who was diagnosed with PCOS at 30 with years of struggling with acne, low self-esteem, bloat, brain fog, fatigue (ohhh the fatigue), and a 30 lb weight gain, and feeling like no one is hearing me. I felt like I was being cast aside and nobody was listening so I struggled in silence for years. I am a busy business owner, college student (finishing my degree in Nutrition), a wife, a mom, a Gigi, and every other hat you can wear. I understand the need for energy, feeling vibrant, and like a functioning human.

I Hear you and I See you because….

I am you. I have been in your shoes and I have fought hard to find answers. I became a personal trainer and went back to school in my early 40s to learn everything there is about food and nutrition to understand why my body was revolting against me and how to change the course.

Your Journey Starts here.

As a partner in your health journey, I promise to listen to you and hear your struggles and goals. Tell me about all the symptoms that you are experiencing, tell me your story and together we can dive deep into the core of those symptoms and create a plan that is uniquely yours.

You Can Feel Better….

Life wasn’t meant to be full of health struggles and strange symptoms. It is meant to be full of energy, confidence, and vibrant living. I can help you regain the vibrancy you once had. I will help you understand the foundations of your health,  how your body is screaming for support, and how to provide it. I didn’t have the hysterectomy, I got off Metformin, and I found the root cause of my issues and learned how to support my body through nutrition and lifestyle.

What would you do with clear skin, high self-esteem, reduced brain fog, no more stomach pains, normal menstrual cycles, no more PMS, and bounds of sustained ENERGY? I went from waking up each morning wondering when I was going to be able to go back to bed to getting up at 4 a.m. to go to the gym and being a full-time college student and business owner. That is what sustained energy, no brain fog, and ultimate health brings.

P.S. Ohh and don’t worry, I don’t believe in dieting, I like chocolate brownies and pasta way too much. I believe in balance and a loving relationship with food and your body. So let’s chat about what’s going on and get you feeling vibrant again.

The first step is filling out my comprehensive nutritional health questionnaire and then we will set up a 15-minute call to talk.


  • Certified Nutrition Therapy Practioner- Nutrition Therapy Association
  • Master Blood Chemistry with Em- MBCE
  • Certified Personal Trainer- ACE
  • Certified Dietary Supplement Specialist
  • Certified in Basic Culinary Nutrition- Culinary Nutrition Studios
  • Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM
  • Certified Online Coach- OTA
  • Certified Senior Fitness Coach- ACE
  • Certified Stress Management Coach- Spencer Institute
  • Certified Core Conditioning Coach-NESTA
  • Certified Women’s Fitness Specialist Coach -GGS
  • Certified Youth Conditioning Coach- IYCS
  • Certified Functional  Movement Coach- FMS
  • Certified  Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1